4 Students Arrested for Bringing IED Into Adamson University

Police say 4 students is in custody after they brought a live IED into a Adamson University, intercepted by a security guard Friday morning.

IED is an improvised explosive device (a simple bomb made and used by unofficial or unauthorized forces.)

The students, who were identified as Ron Marshell Agustin, 20; Harold Concepcion, 27; Raffy Madlang Bayan, 20; and Rhys Foryasen, 20, are now under the custody of Manila Police District-Ermita Police Station (PS-5) for investigation.

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PO3 Fernidand Leyva, case investigator, revealed that the pillbox seized from the students can cause injury to lot of people if exploded.

Senior Inspector Robert Bunayog, Lawton precinct commander, who responded to the university, said the seized improvised explosives were placed inside a Mark and Spencers small paper bag.

Bunayog said at around 7:46 a.m. the students were caught in the act while sneaking the pillbox in through the fence in Ozanam Building.

But the investigator refused who among the suspects were the ones caught passing the paperbag from the outside through the fence.

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