Video Drunk Bagito Girl Abused and Rape, Hits the Web

Basta may alak may balak ..kalat natin para makasuhan ng Rape ang mga pinagkatiwalaang kainumang tropa kapirata. RATED SPG: BAWAL SA MGA BATA!-Admin Maldito -

Posted by K3nt Pirata on Thursday, February 11, 2016

WARNING NSFW! A video of young bagito girl, hits the internet reaches million views on other page and deleted. Watch the embeded video before it deleted online.
Video Drunk Bagito Girl Abused and Rape, Hits the Web.png
For the ladies out there who like to party and getting drunk, be very careful because you'll never know what will happen next if you find yourself under the heavy influence of alcohol.

A girl went to party out with her friends who apparently are guys, and what happened next is definitely sad and heartbreaking, it ends in a gang-rape.

A reminder to every female party-goers out there, make sure you're aware of your surroundings, what you are doing, who you're with, and the people you trust. Because incidents like these could happen anytime especially if you aren't careful.

The video drew mixed reactions in the eyes of many netizens, with most people fuming with rage on the men involved in the video. So the next time you decide to have a drink, make sure you have enough that you can safely go home. Otherwise, these kinds of scenarios aren't far away from being a possibility.

For the guys out there, be a real man. Real men never take advantage of a woman in any way. Show you have dignity, character, and integrity. Respect women in their most vulnerable times, and you'll stand out as a man among the boys.

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