Manny Pacquiao Wears Under Armour Shoes - Photos

Photos of Manny Pacquiao wearing Under Armour's basketball shoes hits online.

An aide of the The People's Champion posted photos of Pacquiao wearing red sneaker brand Under Armour on Sunday, days after Nike terminated its relationship with him.

Under Armour brands are popularized by NBA MVP Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, Dwayne Johnson, Saúl Álvarez, Saúl Álvarez, Bryce Harper,Jordan Spieth and Lindsey Vonn.

Fast-rising Under Armour, which was founded in 1996, has a goal of eventually toppling Nike to become the world's top retail sports brand. But to even come close, Under Armour must make up serious ground in its basketball shoe business.

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Pictures of Manny Pacquiao wearing Under Armour shoes.

Watch commercials for Nike's "Fast Forward" campaign (with Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Manny Pacquiao, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo and Liu Xiang).

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