Andrea Brillantes Hard drive Data SCANDAL 4.0 (Video)

Andrea Brillantes scandal is now working again, press play to watch the raw video. She is 12 years-old.

To view the video press the link or Put your email-address here for the video copy.

Actress Andrea Brillantes scandal leaks again, the data that is recently wipe out (permanently deleted) from the recycle bin is recover from Hard Drive, Flash Drive, or SD card by using data recovery software.

andrea brillantes full body 2016Actress Andrea Brillantes Photo. Instagram

On the video clips appear to be taken from bed room of their house. In the video, the young celebrity is reportedly seen playing with her genital.

A part 4.0 , as per rumors circulating on Facebook, shows an "adult woman" giving her an "alcoholic drink." This as well as the other videos have not been independently verified.

Netizens have been buzzing online early morning of Friday, July 10, as the private video got leaked in the internet. Three Facebook pages were created and the term "Andrea Brillantes" became the top trending topic on Twitter nationwide.

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