Girl pusher of Bulacan snorting Shabu, VIDEO hits the Web

Warning NSFW! A teenager girl named Angelica San Gabriel Alcantara smoking Methamphetamine hits the web, the viral video got thousands of comments, views and shared on Facebook.

In video, a girl nick name 'bebe' smoking shabu with a group of friends in Bulacan, the Filipino version of crystal meth.

The uploader Ferdie Mangahaas is calling a quick action from official specially Mayor Dellosa and the Baliwag Police Station.

Isang malalang problema ng ating lipunan
Posted by Filipino's Patriotism on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Other names for ‘shabu’ include ubas, siopao, sha, and ice. It is usually in the form of an odorless crystal or crystalline powder, white in color and bitter in taste.

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