Fire Extinguisher SAVE Lamborghini On-Fire in Miami FL VIDEO

Another $500,000 Lamborghini super-car burst in to flame in South Beach Florida, thank you it is save by a strong man with a fire extinguisher – last year $500,000 yellow-Lamborghini completely burned out in the richest countries in the Middle East, Dubai.

You can watch the raw video below:

The footage shows a valet frantically running around the burning vehicle after over revving the engine while out on a joyride on Lincoln Road, in South Beach Florida.

Crowds soon gathered around the stopped vehicle as several people rush to put out the flames at the rear of the car.

Image. Video Screen-grab

Amid a haze of smoke and fire extinguisher mist, the dull sound of the $580,855 Aventador failing to start echoes through panicked voices. The driver and bystanders were left with no choice but to pushed the once high powered vehicle off the busy road.

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