Tanim-bala & NAIA terminal scandals: Diversionary Tactics of Iglesia ni Cristo?

Tanim-bala & NAIA terminal scandals: Diversionary Tactics of Iglesia ni Cristo?

The Timeline

By studying the sequence of events, we can see the correlation between the scandals involving BOC and NAIA and the scandal being faced by the leadership of the Iglesia ni Cristo.

  1. July 23, 2015, Isaias Samson, an ex-minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) held a press conference to confirm the alleged illegal detention that was revealed earlier by the wife of the late leader of the INC.
  2. August 2015, a few weeks after and at the height of the issue involving the INC council, the issue of Balikbayan box exploded.
  3. October 23, 2015, Lowell Menorca, the ex-minister who was illegally detained went out to expose the details of his abduction, illegal detention and attempted murder.
  4. October 2015, the number of tanim-bala incidences increased drastically.
  5. The Possibility

Can INC agitate big national issues to drown the issues involving their rank? Yes. They have the machinery to do that considering that they were able to install their own men in different agencies of the government using their influence peddling tactics. The BOC which handles Balikbayan boxes, for example, was used by INC in their influence peddling.

The PNP is also a subject of INC's influence in installing their men for different posts.

Why Target the OFWs?

Simple, 10% of the population of the Philippines are OFWs and are active online. Raising issues concerning them is very effective to drown any existing issues.

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