Bagito Claire Marielle scandal Video/Link WATCH Now

Did you see the new Claire Marielle video for Bagito part 3 scandal.

In the part 3 scandal you will see two high school students performing a lovely act within the school premise. The clip is just 1.0 minute and 6.0 seconds long where students on their school uniform can be seen having lewd act. Netizens also made a fun of the woman who is actually drinking a softdrinks in a plastic while savoring their moments together.

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The raw footage is now circulating on the web, and its popularity on Facebook after several popular Facebook pages uploaded it but took it down also after few minutes.

Video/Photo (Xmas at Manila CR) Scandal of teenager leaks online

Like what happened in the first bagito scandal, the one who filmed the scene utilized the small hole to witness this unforgettable moment on internet. The first and second bagito scandal are now available in CD, DVD and Blueray copy.


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