Screenshot of Windows 10, showing its desktop, taskbar and Start menu with Live Tiles

Screenshot of Windows 10, showing its desktop, taskbar and Start menu with Live Tiles

Windows 10 (codenamed Threshold) will be available as a free update for all users with official Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 licenses until July 29, 2016.

Windows 10 is an upcoming computer operating system being developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. First presented in April 2014 at the Build Conference, it is scheduled to be released on July 29, 2015.[1] It is currently in public beta testing through the Windows Insider program. During its first year of availability, upgrades to Windows 10 will be offered at no charge for consumer users of genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

The goal of Windows 10 is to unify the Windows PC, Windows Phone, Windows Embedded and Xbox One product families, as well as new product categories such as the Surface Hub and HoloLens, around a common internal core. These products will share a common, "universal" application architecture and Windows Store ecosystem that expands upon the Windows Runtime platform introduced by Windows 8. Windows 10 provides further integration with Microsoft services and platforms, such as the addition of Cortana (an intelligent personal assistant), a notification system that can be synchronized between devices, and new Xbox Live features. A new default web browser, Microsoft Edge, will also make its debut in Windows 10, though Internet Explorer will still be available in a reduced capacity for compatibility reasons.

Windows 10's user interface is an evolution of Windows 8's, with a focus on transitioning between behaviors suitable for the type of device and the available input methods.

What are the minimum specs my computer needs to run Windows 10?
If your PC can run Windows 8.1, it can run Windows 10. But just in case, here are minimum specs your PC will need for Windows 10:

1GHz processor (or faster)

1GB of RAM (32-bit) and 2GB (64-bit)

16GB of internal free internal storage

Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics with WDDM driver

Microsoft account and Internet access

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