Samsung‬ are developing Safety Trucks with wireless cameras

samsung electronics safety truck prototype hires
Samsung‬ are developing new 'safety trucks' with rear video screens to allow drivers to see the road ahead.

The Safety Truck prototype mounts a wireless camera on the front of the vehicle and livestreams the view onto a giant wall of four video screens on the back, allowing for safe overtaking.

The company hopes the new safety trucks will help save lives by reducing the amount of accidents that happen when drivers attempt to overtake on single lane roads, unware of oncoming vehicles.

Samsung Electronics are now 'performing the corresponding tests in order to comply with the existing national protocols and obtain the necessary permits and approvals' before rolling out their new safety trucks.

The issue right now is that the idea isn't 'economically practical' on a wider scale and there is no 'financial benefit' for those who invest their cash in the project.

Apparently, there's no point in improving road safety and saving all those lives if you're not going to make a profit out of it in today's market.

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