Pinay Teenager gets raped by Drinking Buddies (PICTURE)

Drunk Teenager From Marikina (Bacolod not confirmed) City Gets Sexually Harassed By Drinking Buddies.

It was not long ago when news about a rape victim had created an uproar over the internet. Some say that the victim was raped because she wore a seductive dress that seemed to have sent a message like “she was asking for it.” People warn women about dressing up and behaving in a manner that’s unbecoming of a respectable woman, especially when they’re in public.

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Of course, several women’s rights groups and civilians were infuriated saying that it’s a clear form of discrimination against women. Women, regardless of age, race, and status should be respected. What they’re wearing or how they’re behaving should never be used as a basis of how others should treat them. Moreover, men should never take advantage of weak, helpless women.

Pinay Teenager get raped by Drinking Buddies

But I guess men who sexually harass women don’t have this line of thinking and that was probably why the young men in this despicable picture did what they did.

Recently, a very disturbing photo has gone viral. A very drunk, teenage girl from Marikina City, Philippines was seen surrounded by five or more young men who were sexually molesting her. The intoxicated girl, although her face was blurred for security purposes, she seemed helpless and unaware of what’s happening to her.

Netizens who were able to positively identify the girl said that they’ve come from a “wet and wild party” that night; however, they fear that the girl will be bullied over the net because her selfie was uploaded on the same Facebook thread where the picture was posted.

We don’t know the exact events that occurred that night and we can’t judge her based on hearsay and the picture posted. But one thing is for sure: those young men don’t have the right to do that and take a picture of her in such a very compromising state. They shouldn’t take advantage of women just because they can!

So to all the women out there, always remember to drink responsibly. Never allow yourselves to get uncontrollably drunk, especially in public. Issues and crimes like these can be prevented if women can think clearly. Moreover, they have a better chance of fighting for themselves if they’re sober.

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