Matilda the alien-like cat (PHOTOS)


Matilda the alien cat is a perfectly normal feline with one notable exception: her enormous eyes.

Matilda's owners — who told People that they wish to remain anonymous — shared their beloved cat's backstory on a website they built for her.

Matilda was born on Valentine's Day in 2013 in a hoarder house before a rescue society took her into its care. Her owners took Matilda home when she was about 12 weeks old, and the cat continued to grow as normal, with the exception of "one squinty eye."


But shortly after her first birthday, Matilda's pupils would occasionally widen and then contract to their normal size, a curiosity that stumped veterinarians.

In fact, the cat's unusually large eyes are what have led to her more than 60,000 followers on Instagram and, more importantly, a fully funded GoFundMe campaign to help pay for their eventual removal.



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