VIDEO: El Gamma Penumbra Earns 2nd GoldenBuzzer on Asia's Got Talent

El Gamma Penumbra Semi-Finals Performance Earns 2nd GoldenBuzzer

With a great audition, comes great expectations!

After earning the first ever ‪#‎GoldenBuzzer‬ from singer-songwriter Anggun, El Gamma Penumbra receive again the 2nd golden buzzer from 4 judges, put the group through to the grand finals.

Congratulations for such a great performance!

Conveying strong emotion through their exquisite movements, the troupe created many memorable scenes, which were projected as shadows onto a screen. Watch the entire performance, above.

4 finalists came from Philippines they are Gerphil Flores, Gwyneth Dorado and dance group Junior New System.

What do you think of El Gamma Penumbra's shadow act? Tell us in the comments, below.

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