Junior New System auditions Asia's Got Talent (VIDEO)

junior new system auditions asia's got talent video

An all-Pinoy dance crew calling themselves the Junior New System impressed the judges of Asia's Got Talent with their performance last March 12.

The nine-member group, which is composed of boys aged 16 to 23, served as an opening act of the show.

One of the judges, F4 member Vaness Wu could not help but blurt out a Filipino word for having been impressed by their performance. "So great job! Mabuhay!" he exclaimed.

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Indonesian rockstar Anggun on the other hand was overwhelmed by the mind blowing performance.

"I like the fact that when you came into the stage, you're all shy. And then the music started. And then, you danced and you were powerful, you were fierce. And then the music changed, then you became something else. And then it was funny and it was sweet and cute. And there was a lot of things and I loved it so much!"

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