Young High school students of ‘Bagito Moves’, Commits Suicide

A mother of the young high school student on the ‘bagito scandal’ made a revelation that his son was commit suicide to Depression.

Video link now available on sites

We hope both of you are okay. LET'S STOP SPREADING The Video or PICTURE File.

houng high-school students of bagito scandal, Commits Suicide
Depression a diagnosis listed in the DSM 5 as a mood disorder describing people who feel sad and pessimistic. Most people feel sad, discouraged, or "down" sometimes, but that is not depression. In clinical depression, these feelings last for a long time and are combined with other symptoms. Someone with depression might have these symptoms: strong sad feelings or no strong feelings at all, feeling guilty, feeling helpless or hopeless, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem or a loss of interest in life.

Video/Photo (Xmas at Manila CR) Scandal of teenager leaks online

Meanwhile, on comments Netizens congratulate the efforts of the guy who took the video, using his Nen (mind force) he captured the unforgettable story - anonymous said.

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