The Voice Philippines 2015 Results: Top 8 Revealed

After the performance of all teams, Sarah Geronimo along with the top 2 artists from Teams Apl and Bamboo sang Stevie Wonder's "For Once in My Life." They were followed by Matt Monro, Jr. who sang Matt Monro's "Portrait of My Love."

The Voice of the Philippines Results: Top 8 Revealed
Last night, Alisah Bonaobra and Daryl Ong from Team Apl, and Rence Rapanot and Rita Martinez from Kamp Kawayan already took their semifinal slots. And after tonight's results, 4 more are joining them: they are Team Sarah's Jason Dy and Monique, and Team Lea's Timmy Pavino and Leah Patricio.

Episode 32 (February 15) results...

Kokoi Baldo performed 'Message in a Bottle', and was eliminated.
Monique Lualhati performed 'Butterfly', and was saved by Coach Sarah.
Jason Dy performed 'Kahit Kailan', and was saved by public votes, with 44%.

Leah Patricio performed 'Because You Loved Me', and was saved by Coach Lea.
Nino Alejandro performed 'I Wanna Know What Love is', and was eliminated.
Timmy Pavino performed 'Story of my Life', and was saved by public votes, with 50%.

The Voice Philippines 2015 Top 8

Team Bamboo MaƱalac
Rence Rapanot - Public's choice
Rita Martinez - Bamboo's choice

Daryl Ong - apl's choice
Alisah Bonaobra - Public's choice

Team Sarah Geronimo
Monique Lualhati - Sarah's choice
Jason Dy - Public's choice

Team Lea Salonga
Leah Patricio - Lea's choice
Timmy Pavino - Public's choice

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