Smallest,Lightest ‘Nokia 8210’ become Popular to UK Drug dealer

A certain old-school Nokia feature phone is reportedly growing in underground popularity in the UK as criminals snap it up due to its durability and cloak-like anonymity against police surveillance.
According to a report from the website Vice, drug lords and other criminals are shunning the latest iPhones or Android smart phones in favor of the Nokia 8210, which is now over a decade old.

The main draw for criminals is that the 8210 allows them to communicate away from the possible surveillance as the device has no Bluetooth, near-field connectivity, or Wi-Fi. But on the other hand, the phone allows easy transfer of information between users through its infra-red technology and also has a long battery life.

smallest lightest nokia 8210 become popular to uk drug dealer

Aside from drug dealers, the newsmagazine site, which is also a groundbreaking documentary TV-series, reported that some drug addicts are exchanging the device for drugs.

The device is now 16 years old since it was unveiled in 1999. It is also the smallest and lightest phone by Nokia, factors that, according to Vice, made it a popular phone also in prisons as it is easy to smuggle inside.

Local sources from the police, however, said they have not seen substantial usage of the Nokia 8210 among local criminals.

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