“Chezca” Speaks Out about Bagito Scandal Part 2 (VIDEO)

Here's the video of Chezca Guinhawa speaks out about the controversial romance video circulating around the web and social media sites.

The high school students denied adduction that she not the girl on the “stairs scandal video or Bagito Moves scandal” that hits with more than 3.9 million views and it is sale in Quiapo, Manila in blue ray and dvd copy.

“Chezca” Speaks Out about Bagito Scandal (VIDEO)
Chezca, who studies at San Pascual National High School in Batangas, said she knows about the scandal through her friends only.

On the video Chezca says that they have the same uniform of that actual student in the video but it was not really her. Her family is not yet aware of the scandal where their daughter is allegedly involved.

Chezca or Cheska Mae Castillo Guinhawa appeals of bashers to stop spreading false information.

Alleged "bagito" scandal part 2 trends on Facebook, but the girl confirm not Chezca, but they are high school students.

Video/Photo: “LGBT Scandals″ of high school students Leaks Online

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