apl.de.ap Open Jollibee store in Pampanga

apl.de.ap Open Jollibee store in Pampanga
Filipino-American rapper, record produce apl.de.ap opened his first Jollibee store in Dau, Pampanga, Philippines.

In his official Facebook account, the Filipino-American rapper, who is a Pampanga native, recalled how he always wanted his mom to bring him to Jollibee when he was younger.

“Since I was a young boy, I always pointed at Jollibee and my mom would say, "Anak, we need this money for your siblings also so next time na lang." And then one day, she finally took me into Jollibee and I think I lost my mind! I thought: ‘Oh my God, did this happen?’” Apl wrote on Facebook.

That’s why he considers opening his own Jollibee store a dream come true.

Apl.de.ap said he also plans to open a branch in the United States.

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