Manny Pacquiao vs. Amir Khan, UAE fight is Possible!

manny pacquiao vs. amir khan uae fight is possiblePhoto. The Ring Magazine

In a report of newspaper based in Abu Dhabi, Amir 'King' Khan gave Floyd 'Money' Mayweather a five-day ultimatum to accept a fight, with the Brit threatening to look elsewhere for a match in May 2015.

Mayweather’s gleaming record of 47/47 gives him the privilege of choosing only the most lucrative opponents to fight and at present, a bout (that has been talked about for years) with Manny Pacquiao would bring in a lot more money than one with Khan. Five days came and went and it looks as if the two-time world champion will have to switch to plan B: a welterweight title fight against Filipino Pacquiao.

Bolton-born Khan believes that a fight with Pacquiao in Dubai would perfectly fit both of their needs since it would be followed by the large community of Filipino and British expatriates in the Middle East, while giving Mayweather no option but to fight the winner.

Khan and Pacquiao used to share the same coach in Freddie Roach and share a friendship outside the ring that some think would make a fight between the two awkward.

Amir Khan Greatest Hits (video)

Khan plans to move up a weight class and taking on Floyd Mayweather Jr to become the king with the ultimate crown. He recognises that boxing is what put him in the position he is in today, and that winning will only help further his causes.

"There are very few people out there who are like Muhammad Ali and I think Manny Pacquiao is like him with regards to what he has done for his people. I'd like to be on the same page with those guys at the end of the day." Khan said on

Khan is a Muslim, and an active supporter of the Muslim. He is a former two time world champion by winning WBA, WBA (Super) and IBF Light Welterweight titles.

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