“You Raise Me Up” Performed by Celine Tam WATCH this and you'll be Amazed

“You Raise Me Up” performed by 5-years-old Celine Tam watch and you'll be amazed.

So moving and beautiful hearing a great voice like this coming from the innocence of a child. Celine Tam has an angelic little voice that will really touch your heart.

Celine Tam is only 5-years-old, but already has a talent that has everyone in the audience standing up and cheering for her. This tiny little girl has a big voice that astounds everyone who hears it.

The Most Beautiful and So Much fun to WATCH Stage Show Ever

Celine started learning singing from me when she was only three years old. She has been learning a variety of vocal techniques, pubic use, qi methods tremolo and other different techniques, as well as singing in multi language with different songs, “Power of Love,” “I will always love you,” “You Raise Me Up” and Disney's Frozen “Let It Go”.

you raise me up performed by celine tam watch this and you'll be amazed
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