The Best Stage Act Ever by Magicians An Ha Lim WATCH and Enjoy

the best stage act ever by magicians an ha lim watch and enjoy

LOOK at the South Korean Magicians An Ha Lim performing incredible card manipulation, Watch one of the best magician in the world and you'll be totally love it.

Not only the impressive routine is practically perfect, but also the smiling and body language are so beautiful that makes you realize this is pure art.

An Ha Lim, a Korean manipulator seems to have a lot of fun. A small little man with loads of award-winning technique.

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According to Genii interview, that he became interested in magic in 2003. He practices five to six hours a day, and up to 18 hours a day in the months before a competition. He sometimes does two hours of image training, during which time he imagines the routine and runs through it without cards.

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