Taylor Swift premieres “Blank Space” Music Video

Taylor Swift cries, screams, stabs in crazy WATCH! Singer-songwriter releases the music video for her new hit ‘Blank Space’ on Nov. 10 and it may be her best yet!

From Wiki:
The music video for "Blank Space" was accidentally released on Yahoo!. It was directed by Joseph Kahn. Kahn tweeted about the accidental early release, "I'll link video later when I think it's clear. I think it may be a mistake on yahoo's part - they may have released it early by accident." To which he later added, "Yup. Yahoo effed up. Wait to see the Blank Space video. Let Taylor introduce it herself. It'll be worth it :)" The video was later uploaded on Swift's Vevo account the same day.
taylor swift premieres blank space music video 01, Sean O'Pry
Sean O'Pry (Photo. from YouTube)

taylor swift premieres blank space music video
Taylor Swift (Photo. from YouTube)

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