What Type of Fruits Good For Breakfast Menu

For those of you that often times through the day with a full schedule of activities, of course, breakfast is very important for you. Because the breakfast can meet the needs of your extra energy to be able to start and go about your day to the fullest. And certainly do not be indiscriminate in choosing your breakfast menu, but make sure the best nutrition.

Fruit is one of the menus that are required for your breakfast menu. Because fruit contains many vitamins and nutrients needed by the body. So what is a good fruit to be used as a full breakfast menu and that does not make our stomach bloating? The following types of fruits are good for a full breakfast menu:

What Type of Fruits Good For Breakfast Menu

Papaya fruit is also good to complement your breakfast, because in addition to clean it of all the unhealthy and toxic materials, papaya can also be one of the fruits of your detox to facilitate digestion. But the fruit of the papaya is 'hot fruit' so it is advisable for those who have a high enough body heat so as not to consume too much of the fruit. For women who are pregnant, should avoid consuming papaya to avoid miscarriage.

For those of you who have constipation problems and your stomach feels full every day, then bananas good for your consumption as complementary breakfast menu. Because bananas can help remove toxins in the digestive tract and can provide enough energy for your body. So in the morning you do not feel anxious or lose concentration due to hunger.

acid content in lemon can improve the function and metabolism. The water content in it can restore lost body fluids, and can even help you to overcome digestive problems such as bloating or heartburn.

Watermelon or Melon
As a complement to your morning breakfast, watermelon or cantaloupe equally good. Both types of fruit that has a lot of water content so it can restore your lost body fluids throughout sleep. In addition, the nutrients contained in it could be the right combination to increase energy for your body.

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