The Best Live Performance Video Ever, With an Awesome Surprise at the End

the best liveperformance video ever, with an awesome surprise at the end
(Photo. YouTube)

Check out one of the best video on YouTube. A father and daughter who were tearfully reunited in front of The Queen, Prince Philip, David Cameron and other dignitaries on live TV have spoken about the "emotion" of their specially arranged meeting.

When I watch this video, It's makes me cry. I love so much Papa.

These girls can relate to the song “No Need To Say Goodbye” like no other, each girl has a dad that is currently serving in the military. For them there is a deeper meaning behind the expression “Goodbye”, they never know when their dads are coming back and if they are. This video combines purity, integrity, honesty and a lot of love. Girls’ lovely singing voices, great lyrics of the song and beautiful surprise in the end of the video will touch every heart, leaving a pleasant warmth behind. This is a shout-out to all the sons, brothers, husbands, fathers that are serving their countries and are separated from their families. We dedicate this video to them and to their loving families.

“The Poppy Girls” members: Megan, Florence, Alice, Bethany and Charlotte are the new raising stars, they already have an album out. Hopefully, they will become famous all around the world, sending beautiful messages in their songs. In this video they are performing live the song titled “No Need To Say Goodbye” at the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance.


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