Marlisa Punzalan sings ‘Help!’ on The X Factor Australia grand-finals (VIDEO)

YES! she maid It! Young Filipina singer Marlisa Punzalan has been included in the Top 3 contenders for the grand finals of X Factor Australia.

For their final showdown, Marlisa Punzalan sang The Beatles' “Help!” while Derry performed Leonard Cohen's “Hallelujah.” Based on this round, the judges had to pick who they thought more deserving to advance to the grand finals.

The X Factor Australia 2014 Winner is Marliza Punzalan who defeated Dean Ray (video)

With the acts in the bottom two receiving two votes each, the result was deadlock and reverted to the earlier public vote. Punzalan received the most public votes and was saved.

The Young Filipina, who wowed the judges with her version of Alicia Keys' “Girl On Fire” during Sunday's show, will compete with Brothers 3 and Dean Ray in the finals set for next week.

Marlisa Punzalan sings ‘Help!’ + Enters Grand Final X Factor Australia (with Video)
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