Katriz Trinidad defeated Blessing Offor on Battle Round of ‘The Voice USA’

katriz trinidad defeated blessing offor on battle round of the voice usa
Katriz Trinidad (Photo. YouTube)

Pharrell Williams chose Stevie Wonder's “Do I Do” for this battle, a song that seemed to be in Blessing's repertoire already. Blessing, not just due to his visual impairment, has a certain Stevie quality to his voice and swagger. Katriz, on the other hand, is a 15-year-old powerhouse diva who was a little nervous about this song choice.

The two singers put on a great performance, but for different reasons. Blessing's voice was rich and showed some range while still maintaining its R&B feel. And Pinay singer wowed with her unique vocals and impressive scats — she has somewhat of an Ariana Grande thing going on.

Pharrell picked Katriz for her “beautiful voice” and her training, he said, and then Adam and Gwen fought to steal Blessing. A little name dropping worked for Adam. He told Blessing he’d sung with Wonder and knew Blessing had “part of that spirit in you.” He also mentioned wife Behati Prinsloo, who’s from Namibia and whose name means “blessing.”

Team Pharrell: Blessing Offor vs. Katriz Trinidad
Song: “Do I Do” by Stevie Wonder
Winner: Katriz Trinidad, but both Adam and Gwen want Blessing Offor on their team, but he picks to join Team Adam!

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