8-year-old Aidan Prince dance ‘Jet Blue Jet’ WATCH and You'll be impressed

Watch Aidan Prince as he performs a complicated choreography set to Major Lazer's "Jet Blue Jet," much to the shrieking delight of his much older dance partners.

Is he sooo good? What you think.

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The viral video has now opened the doors for more pint-sized dancers to step out with their firecracker dance moves, and up next with an equally-impressive routine is 8-year-old Aidan Prince.

Aidan — who appears to be dancing in the same studio where Taylor debuted her choreography to Chris Brown‘s “Came to Do” — begins his dance by clapping along to the crescendoing house synths.

8-year-old aidan prince dance jet blue jet watch and you'll be impressed
Image from YouTube

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