Talk 'N Text Unli CHATTXT to 2218

Talk 'N Text Unli CHATTXT to 2218

Here's on how to register to Talk 'N Text Unli CHATTXT promo.

With newest Talk 'N Text Unli CHATTXT now you can now enjoy chatting and non-stop updating with your friends with Talk N Text CHATTXT Promo.

How to Register to TNT CHATTXT Promo?

Register your Tropa by texting REG <Group> to 2218
Create a Nickname by texting #Nick <Name> to 2218
Invite your Friends/Members by texting #ASK <Group> <Cellphone No>

How to Join in TNT ChatTxt Promo (Group Messaging)

Type keyword #Join <Group> to 2218 and save the Group Number sent to your TNT mobile number
Send a message to your Tropa using the Group Number

Here’s more, You can also avail Talk N Text CHATTXT Promo by adding up Php 2 in ANY UNLITEXT Promo or Php10 if you are not subscribed! just simply text #UNLI send to 2218 and enjoy the UNLI ChatTxt. Promo is also available in SMART and SUN.

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