Marlisa Punzalan sings 'Let It Go' on The X Factor Australia (VIDEO)

Pinay pride of Philippines, Marlisa Punzalan once again make a hit performing Disney song “Let It Go” on the The X Factor Australia 2014 Live Show 5.

Here’s what the judges say:

Nat: That song is incredibly difficult to sing and I cant believe you are just 14 and sing it like that. That sounded insane. That’s my favorite performance ever.

Dannii: Definitely by far your best performance on the X Factor. It takes a brave person to take on a song like that. I prefer that song to the original, I really did.

Redfoo: This is your strength, singing big songs and the big notes. I want to see more of this type of song. You sounded great.
Ronan: I’m so proud of you. You are incredible, what a voice, what a talent. Great job, well done!

Marlisa Punzalan sing Let It Go on The X Factor AustraliaYouTube

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