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Here's the quick biography of Boy Abunda, He is one of the more popular television hosts, publicists, and talent managers in Philippine television today. Currently, Abunda co-hosts one of the most watched celebrity talk shows in ABS-CBN. His other co-hosts are Kris Aquino, daughter of the late former President Corazon Aquino and KC Concepcion, the daughter of Sharon Cuneta, famed singer and actress.

Boy Abunda was born in Borongan, Eastern Samar. Upon his father’s death, Abunda stopped his education due to financial difficulties. He survived through a variety of odd and unstable jobs. Later on, he was able to move to Manila to look for better financial prospects. He found his opportunity at the Manila Metropolitan Theater where he was hired as an assistant stage manager. Theater administrator Conching Sunico, more popularly known as “Tita Conching”, saw promise and potential in Abunda and took him under her wing. Boy assisted Tita Conching and during this stint, she taught him the intricacies of public relations.

Boy Abunda on Gma 7 Network
After two years being mentored by , he left the Metropolitan Theater to start up and form his own public relations outfit called Backroom, Inc. Through his company and extraordinary PR abilities, Boy was able to garner PR consulting work from GMA Network.

Boy Abunda on ABS-CBN
In 1999 Boy decided to move to ABS-CBN, the competitor network of GMA-7. Through this network he hosted several shows like The Buzz, Private Conversations, Home Boy, Konttabersyal, SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon and The Bottomline with Boy Abunda and a newscaster for the late night news program Bandila. Boy also produced an album which was titled Melodic Conversations. This was the start of his busy career. He then decided to go back to school and Boy successfully graduated at the Philippine Women’s University with the degree Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts in 2009 and gained a Master’s Degree in Communication Arts in the year 2011. Boy as we all now is openly gay. He has been in a 30 year relationship with Bong Quitania. His family and friends are happy with his decisions and that they support him in everything he does.

Liver abscess
August, 2014, Abunda agreed to undergo tests, after which, doctors discovered abscess in his liver. He was then operated on. He was discharged from the hospital on Aug. 23. While acknowledging that he is still on his way to a “joyful, great recovery,” Boy is looking forward to returning to TV soon. His recent hospitalization served as a wake-up call for Boy. He admitted he was working too hard.

Boy Abunda quick Biography and Information:

Nickname: 'Boy Abunda'
Real Name: Eugenio "Boy" Romerica Abunda, Jr.
Birth Date: October 29, 1955
Birth Place: Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines
Partner: Bong Quintana
Occupation: Television presenter, publicist, Talent Manager, Newscaster
Nationality: Filipino
Eyes Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5' 8" (173 cms)
Official Instagram: tba
Official Twitter: tba
Official Facebook: Fan Page
References: Boy Abunda Wikipedia

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