VIDEO: Lea Salonga ASL Ice Bucket Challenge

Broadway musical star and actress Lea Salonga has accepted the challenge to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

In a video posted YouTube on Thursday night, Salonga said she was nominated by Il Divo singer Urs Buhler.

Salonga, revealed that more than accepting the challenge of the viral fund raiser to combat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS, she is doing it for a personal reason, which is to honor the memory of her husband ‘s uncle, Tommy Lee, who passed away from ALS.

Lea Salonga ASL Ice Bucket Challenge 02-24-08-2014

“It’s out of love for him that we’re both doing this. Well, I’m gonna be the one drenched. He (her husband) is the one doing the drenching,” she said in the video.

The singer-actress challenged Filipino-American and Glee actor Darren Chris, actor Aga Muhlach and her “The Voice of the Philippines” fellow judges Apl.d.Ap, Sarah Geronimo, and Bamboo to do the ice bucket challenge and donate to the ALS organization or any local ALS organization.

Lea Salonga ASL Ice Bucket Challenge 01-24-08-2014

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