Manny Pacquiao $585,000 Rolex Lost, Offers ₱5 Million Rewards

Manny Pacquiao $585K Rolex Lost Offers ₱5 Million Rewards, Limeted edition Rolex
Image from Facebook

Manny Pacquiao confirms, his limited edition rolex worth of $585,000 has lost in the restroom inside the function hall of a unknown pubs.

Manny wrote on his Facebook account “Reward P5,000,000 sa sino mang magbabalik ng watch ko. I left my Vintage Rolex inside the restroom of a 5 star hotel in Manila, I removed my watch while washing my hands. This watch is more expensive than a FERRARI.Paki share naman baka makaabot sa nakakuha makonsensya at ibalik. Salamat po. — feeling upset.”

My watch has been reported to Rolex Company, Rolex Cosmograph year model 2010 with serial number G 753439. A well versed and wise buyer of a very expensive rolex watch, will always verify the watch to the rolex center if the watch is stolen or not before you will buy the item. So this item is already alerted on their computer system record around the world. As simple as verifying to Highway patrol Group if the vehicle you are buying is not stolen, Pacquiao wrote on Facebook.

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