Charles Togesaki the Father of Melissa Ricks unborn baby

Charles Togesaki is the Father of Melissa Ricks unborn baby
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Actress Melissa Ricks finally reveals the identity of her non-showbiz boyfriend named Charles Togesaki, the Father of Melissa Ricks unborn baby.

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Melissa Ricks, a contract star of ABS-CBN, is also on the family way. She and Charles Togesaki, her non-showbiz boyfriend, can hardly wait for the birth of their firstborn.

Even their mutual friends are excited for them, Melissa happily related.

“Lahat gustong maging ninong at ninang sa binyag ng anak namin ni Charles,” she excitedly said.

Once the baby is born, Melissa has the permission of Charles to continue her showbiz career. “Bilin lang niya, not at the expense of my being a mom to our baby,” she further stated.

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