VIDEO : Answering Square root turned 'Gerald' into Instant Celebrity

answering square root gerald turned into instant celebrity,  chelsea mae s. luzanta
Facebook Sgreengrab: Chelsea Mae S. Luzanta group selfie

Meet Manila Street Kid 'Gerald' answering square roots question, turned into an instant celebrity. He is now features on News soon maybe on TV guesting.

The video was posted by owner Chelsea Mae S. Luzanta, a student of the University of Sto. Tomas (UST).

In the video, Gerald answers immediately after every question, starting from the square root of 4, 81, 169 and 441. When asked for the square root of 888, he paused to think and asked, “Eight hundred ano?”

“Eight hundred eighty-eight,” answered by one student.

“Perfect square ba ‘yon? Wala, hindi siya perfect square!” Gerald replied, followed by a burst of laughter from the group of students.

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