VIDEO: Miriam Santiago ‘I Have Lung Cancer’

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Wednesday announced on televised press conference that she has stage 4 lung cancer, but found the energy to attack her political pet peeves and said she may still opt to run in 2016 if governance continues to deteriorate and if her health allows it.

Despite having stage 4 cancer, Santiago uses her signature humor and says, 'I'm not afraid of cancer. There is nothing I'm afraid of!'

Her doctors expects to be cured in 6 weeks through chemotherapy that has been reduced to tablet called molecular targeting. But if it does not, she said she might have to go to Cedar-Sinai in Los Angeles for a more extensive treatment.

video miriam santiago i have lung cancer 02 07-03-2014
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video miriam santiago i have lung cancer 01 07-03-2014
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