Raoul Olbes is Ellen Adarna Boyfriend!

Meet Ellen Adarna's boyfriend. Fans of Ellen Adarna consider him one of the luckiest guys on Earth, ABS-CBN reports.

Raoul Olbes is Ellen Adarna Boyfriend
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For the first time, the 26-year-old actress opened up about her non-showbiz boyfriend, Raoul Olbes, and how she feels lucky to have finally found a man who meets all the requirements in her checklist.

Adarna got candid about her relationship during a press conference on Tuesday announcing the extension of her ABS-CBN series "Moon of Desire," with co-stars Meg Imperial and JC de Vera.

The sought-after sexy model explained that while her past boyfriends satisfied some of her criteria, they disappointed in other aspects.

"Kasi nagka-boyfriend ako dati, ang pa-pangit! Pangit na nga, salbahe pa, wala pang pera!" she said, laughing. "Most of them are [like that]!"

"'Yung iba nang-uutang pa! Hay naku, bobits talaga! Nagpapa-utang! May mga boyfriends na non-showbiz na gano'n din 'yung ganap -- guwapo naman, pero ganito lang. 'Yung isa, pangit pero ganito," she said.

Asked how she ended up still dating guys who did not meet her expectations, Adarna feigned crying and slapped her face, as if to shake off any illusion she had about her past relationships.

This string of unsatisfying relationships, Adarna said, is precisely the reason why she considers Olbes a catch.

According to her, he is busy running his family's business. She described him physically as "very Spanish-looking." It helps considerably that he is tall -- a non-negotiable trait for the actress when it comes to finding a partner.

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