Jessica Soho Retiring as GMA Executive

After serving the television network for 30 years, respected broadcast journalist Jessica Soho is retiring as GMA News Program’s First Vice President.

jessica soho retiring as gma executive

According to Jessica, she is proud that she was instrumental in making GMA News stronger in terms of credibility.

I am most proud of the fact that under my watch, the credibility of GMA News became even stronger. Filipinos watch us because they know we can be trusted to deliver accurate, objective and balanced reporting because we have no political agenda or biases and we have consistently proven that through administrations, past and present.

We mean it when we say, walang kinikilingan. Walang pino-protektahan. Serbisyong Totoo lamang

'I am a Kapuso through the core of my being. I have worked with only one (1) network throughout my entire career because I truly believe in the network’s independence and professionalism', Jessica added.

Aside from being the network’s main broadcast journalist, Jessica served as Production News Manager (2000), Acting News Director (2002), Vice President for News (2004), Vice President for News Programs (2008) and First VP for News Programs (2013).

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