Gab Valenciano Quits America's Got Talent

gab valenciano quits america's got talent

Gab Valenciano made the announcement on TV.

In a interview of Ginger Conejero last Friday, Gab Valenciano said he quit the show because more “permanent opportunities” came his way, contrary to rumors that he supposedly got eliminated.

“Whenever people ask me, ‘Did you actually make it?’ I actually did pero 'yun nga, when we got deeper into it, me, my mom and my dad, we all talked about it and we all realized na parang in show business, especially in reality TV, parang you’re not reassured na you will make it unlike getting into a business where ito talaga 'yung ginawa ko. I love making music, I love making videos. I realized I want to do this for a living,” he said.

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