VIDEO: Sarah Geronimo Admitted Mateo Is Her Boyfriend

video sarah geronimo admitted mateo guidicelli is her boyfriend
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After months of speculation, Singer-actress Sarah Geronimo finally admitted on Thursday night that actor Matteo Guidicelli is her boyfriend.

“Matteo is my boyfriend,” Geronimo told reporters during the victory party of her latest movie “Maybe This Time.”

Geronimo was asked about the recent admission of Guidicelli that he calls her "mahal," after the actor mistakenly sent a text message meant for her to Wenn Deramas which the director then posted on Facebook.

“Oo naman [ganoon po ang tawagan namin]... Sige, sabihin ko na po, boyfriend ko na po si Matteo. Kasi marami ding nagsasabi na paligoy-ligoy... So, gano'n po,” she said.

Watch the video interview:

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