Meet Jolo Estrada Official Instagram – josephluisman

Here's the official Instagram account of Jolo Estrada (josephluisman) or Joseph Luis Manuel Ejercito.

Jolo official account has 13,934+ followers and his official twitter account @josephluisman has 5,557 followers.

If you are about to look at the social media accounts of Jolo in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the accounts were deactivated or turned private since yesterday.

jolo estrada official instagram josephluisman
Image from Instagram

Just like his father Jinggoy, Jolo Estrada, is now the center of controversy after several of his posts on social media showing his lavish lifestyle surfaced online.

In an article published on, Jolo is allegedly living lavishly, traveling in different parts of the world using a Diplomat Passport, renting presidential suites amounting to Php100K per night at The Manila Hotel and able to play in a casino where the rich and famous meet.

This is the link:

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