Vehicle of 'Mocha Girls' Involved In Car Crash

Mocha Girls members and Manager was involved in a car crash in Edsa Greenhills in San Juan Friday night, but only sustained bruises and scratches.

The Mocha Girls were with their manager and driver Lord Byron Cristobal when the accident occurred.

Initial investigation showed that prior to the incident, the AC Trans bus driven by Sonny Samson was hit by a speeding Toyota Innova with plate number ZND 711, causing it to hit the group's vehicle.

Police were pursuing the Toyota Innova driven by Pancho Gonzales at the time of the collision, as the latter, who seemed to be drunk at that time, reportedly figured in another accident in Greenhills.

Mocha Girls vehicle Involved In Car Crash
Mocha Girls members (

Mocha members, Dela Cerna had a message to those who drive while drunk.

"Sana po yung mga nagmamaneho ng lasing tumigil na... Kawawa naman po kaming nabibiktima. Paano kung mamatay kami? Paano na?" she said.

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