Councilor, former Beauty Queen Francis Dianne Cervantes Shot in Head

Bulacan councilor and former Beauty queen Dianne Cervantes is in critical condition at the UST hospital. According to reports Dianne Cervantes was shot in the head 3 times when she's on way home riding on the motorbike, Tuesday night.

Today Doctors will go a major operation to remove some slug on the head of Miss Cervantes.

Former Beauty Queen Francis Dianne Cervantes (Google)

In the updater report by TV5, police said Cervantes and her staffer-driver Romelita Raymundo were on board a motorcycle on their way home when the gunman wearing a jacket and white helmet suddenly appeared along the road and fired twice hitting the councilor.

“Nakita ko na nilapitan niya si Madam at pinatukan pa niya ng isang beses at saka siya nagmadaling tumakas sakay ng motorsiklo [I saw the gunman approaching Madam, he shot her again before he escaped on a motorcycle]”

“Wala pa po akong nalalaman na motibo dahil napakabait naman po si Madam Dianne at alam ko wala siyang kaaway o sinasaktang tao [I don't know of any motive because Madam Dianne is so kind and what I know is that she doesn't have enemies or people whom she hurt].” said Raymundo.

Recovered from the crime scene were four spent bullet shells from a .45-caliber pistol and a reading glass.

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