ABS-CBN Apologizes for Bandila 'Flesh Eating Disease'

ABS-CBN Apologizes for Bandila Flesh Eating Disease 02-28-2014-02

ABS-CBN has apologized to Pangasinan City and tv viewer for the false report of Bandila for the “Flesh Eating Disease.”

Network release some cryptic message on News and Current Affairs saying:

“Bandila” apologizes for the unintended fear and panic caused by its report on the cases of skin diseases in two towns in Pangasinan.

In accordance with internal standard procedures, ABS-CBN’s Office of the Network Ombudsman is currently investigating the circumstances that led to the airing of the report.

ABS-CBN News will take the appropriate actions based on the findings of the Network Ombudsman.

ABS-CBN Apologizes for Bandila Flesh Eating Disease 02-28-2014-01

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