PULP Summer Slam 2014 – Line Up

PULP Summer Slam 2014 – Line Up

Here are the Band Line Up and Scheduled time of performance. Pulp Summer Slam is set to happen on April 26, 2014. Save the Date! The Biggest and Longest Running Metal Festival in Southeast Asia.

Official Line Up

Foreign band line up:

Bullet For My Valentine
Asking Alexandria
The Black Dahlia Murder
Death Angel

If you want buy VIP tickets, try calling PULP ROYALTY at 727-4957 or email them at royalty@pulpliveworld.com.

Local bands line up:

David Versus Goliath
Sucket 7
Voice of Tranquility
Galaw Tao

Scheduled time of performance:

Galaw Tao - 1:00PM
Tubero - 1:45AM
David VS Goliath - 2:00PM
Embercore - 2:30PM
Sickpig - 3:00PM
Sucket 7 - 1:00AM

Crossfaith - 4:00PM
Death Angel - 5:00PM
Kreator - 6:25PM
Hatebreed - 7:40PM
Asking Alexandria - 9:00PM
Bullet for my Valentine - 10:30PM
The Black Dahlia Murder - 12:AM

Any words to the upcoming PULP Summer Slam 2014? Please join the discussion here! by posting comments.

The most anticipated metal festival in the country that delivered you pandemonium and anarchy comes back to bring you another chaotic event that would make rock history, PULP SUMMER SLAM 14!

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