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Aiko Climaco Dance Number Video  Aiko Climaco  Dance Number  Video

Here's the dance number of Aiko Climaco for a comedy gag tv show Banana Split. Watch the video here.

Aiko Climaco is a professional dancer in the Philippines. She is also one of the cast of the comedy show "Banana Split". Aiko also does modelling. She is one of the most sought after female dancer in Philippine television, due to her talent and good looks. The height of Aiko Climaco is 5ft 7in, that makes her 171cm tall.

Aiko Climaco Profile

Birthday : August 06, 1986
Nickname : Aiko Climaco
Birthname : Aico Kimberly Climaco
Sign : Sagitarius
Hometown : Quezon City, Metro Manila
Height : 5'7"

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