Sony Xperia Philippines Price List – Sale

Here are the prices of Sony Xperia phones all-out sale. Get discounts on the following sony smartphone.

Price List:

Xperia V Php 26,490
Xperia TX Php 25,490
Xperia Acro Php 22,490
Xperia SL Php 19,990
Xperia P Php 15,990
Xperia Go Php 12,990
Xperia J Php 12,990
Xperia Sola Php 11,990
Xperia U Php 10,990
Xperia Miro Php 9,490
Xperia Neo L Php 9,990
Xperia Tipo Php 5,990

My latest sony phone is Xperia Go "the phone have no pause if you taking videos."

Sony Xperia is the family of Sony smartphones and tablets. The name Xperia is derived from the word "experience", and was first used in the Xperia X1 tagline, "I (Sony Ericsson) Xperia the best".

Sony Xperia Philippines Price List Sale  Sony Xperia Philippines

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