How to Make Perfect Scramble Eggs Inside Shell (with VIDEO)

How to Make Perfect Scramble Eggs Inside Shell Video

Here’s the video on how to make a perfect scramble eggs inside their shell. This is ow-some tutorial, finally I made it in Philippine eggs.

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From YouTube:
You can hold the eggs up to a light before boiling to check if they have been properly scrambled. A scrambled egg will let only a small amount of red tinted light through, a normal egg will be much brighter and have a yellow tint. Be sure that the strings or rubber bands are tightly on the sleeve or the egg will be out of balance and be impossible to spin fast enough for it to work properly. Also, the eggs are weakened by doing this and sometimes tend to pop if cooked in water at a full boil. To cook properly, place in water on the stove and heat until it's hot enough that bubbles start forming on the shells, but not at a full boil, then turn off the burner and let the eggs sit in the pot for 15 minutes. When the time's up dump the eggs in cold water to cool them quickly so they don't overcook.

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