Smart Prepaid Promo – MEGA ALL-IN 250 to 2477

Smart Prepaid Promo - MEGA ALL IN 250 to 2477 Smart prepaid MEGA ALL-IN 250 newest offer with 30 days of UNLITEXT ALL NETWORKS plus 3 hours tri-net calls and 100 megabytes free net surfing.

The package includes unlimited text to ALL Networks (Smart, TNT, Sun, Globe & TM), 180 minutes call to Smart, Sun and TNT and up to 100MB mobile internet browsing valid for only P250!

How to register smart mega 250?
Text Keyword MEGA250 and send to 2477.

How do I call using the promo?
To call domestic mobile, dial *2477 + 11-digit mobile number. i.e. *247709101234567

Who can I call using the promo?
A total of 180 minutes call transactions for 30 days can be used to call all subscribers nationwide who are using the following networks and are in the following areas:


Is P1 maintaining balance required for this promo?
No. P1 Maintaining balance is not required to avail of this promo.

Are these regular services or on promo?

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Who can I text using the promo?
Unlimited SMS may be used to send texts to All Networks which include Smart, TNT, Sun, Globe and TM.

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